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Rossville was incorporated as a village in August 1859 _ Rossville and Ross Township were named after Jacob Ross, a settler in the area.

EST 1859

Welcome to our website and our Village. Rossville is located at the intersection of Illinois Route 1 and County Road 14 (Attica Street), about 6 miles south of Hoopeston and about 12 miles north of the county seat of Danville. Click on the Google map at right for location.


Area attractions include the Rossville Historical Society Museum, the Rossville Railroad Depot Museum, Christman Park, and the Hubbard Trail Monument. Many Antiques and Specialty shops.


South of Rossville are Historic Mann's Chapel (1857) and an original State Road Mile Marker from 1833

A railroad operated daily by CSX Transportation passes through the east side of town. Our Rail Road Museum is along the tracks at our early depot.


       Village Water Tower next to CSX tracks
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

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Rossville Community Organizations are active in hosting community events. These include; Free A-Train week in September, Drivin' The Dixie Days in June, and Christmas in the Village on the first weekend in December.

Rossville was originally named Liggett's Grove in honor of John Liggett who built a lodging house in 1829. Liggett's cabin was located on the Hubbard Trail, an early trading route established by Gurdon Hubbard from Chicago to Danville. In 1833, this became the first state highway (now Illinois Route 1) and in 1914 was made part of the Dixie Highway.
At Left is our 19th century
Haunted Opera House

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