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Town Wide Rummage Sales for Rossville, Illinois


Town Wide Rummage Sales will be held in Rossville, Illinois on Saturday, June 8, 2024.
NO MAPS will be handed out for this event!
Come see what our Village has to offer! Drive around, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at Christman Park!
Stop by our local businesses to see the treasures inside, relax and visit!

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Hudson Drug Store has stopped the pickup of unwanted prescription drugs due to changes in recent regulations.  

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Need Food Assistance? Eastern Illinois FOODBANK FOODMOBILE


The Eastern Illinois Foodmobile will be in Rossville at the Christman Park every fourth Monday of each month.  

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2024 Golf Cart Stickers are Available!


Your red golf cart sticker will expire February 29, 2024! 2024 Golf cart stickers are available for purchase. To renew, please bring your insurance card and fee. Beginning March 1, 2023, sticker fees are $50 for applicants age 64 and under and $35 for age 65 and over. Renew your sticker and let's have fun this summer!

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2024 Dog Tags


2024 Dog Tags are Available at the village office.  To register your dog, please bring $5 and proof of your dog's current rabies vaccinations.

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Grants available through Keep Vermilion County Beautiful!


Keep Vermilion County Beautiful 2023 Grants  

For more information you can click here:

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Natural Gas Prices are INCREASING


Information has been received that natural gas prices have risen today and the daily price is expected to continue to rise for daily gas purchased for tomorrow and the long holiday weekend which covers Saturday through Tuesday.

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Cell phone turned in at village office


A cell phone was turned in at the Rossville Municipal office this morning. The phone was found on Gilbert Street.

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Prepare for Higher Natural Gas Prices NOW!!


Prepare for Higher Natural Gas Prices NOW!!

So far in 2022, natural gas prices have doubled and are expected to continue to rise, resulting in much larger winter heating bills and higher costs for electric utilities. The Village of Rossville is encouraging residents to plan for the winter months now.

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Have OLD Prescription Medicines to Get Rid Of?


Do you have old prescription medicines that you don't know how to get rid of?  Hudson Drug has donated a box located in the Village Office Lobby.  The box is emptied daily by a Hudson Drug employee. 

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Hydrant Testing to begin


Possibly, Monday, June 27, 2022, the Village of Rossville will begin Hydrant Testing! Every hydrant will be tested!

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Electric Aggregation Agreement


An electric aggregation Program Agreement, between the Village of Rossville and Illinois Power Marketing Company d/b/a Homefield Energy, was signed in March, 2021. The aggregation Program Agreement authorized Homefield Energy (Supplier) to SUPPLY electricity at a rate of $0.05048/kWh during a 30-month period of June, 2021 - December, 2023 to Village of Rossville residents who elect to participate in the program. Look at your electric bill, under the SUPPLY rate. If your supply rate is higher than the aggregation rate and you wish to participate in the Village of Rossville electric aggregation program, please contact Homefield Energy Customer Service at 1-866-694-1262 and request to be switched to the Village of Rossville Electric Aggregation Program.

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2022-2023 Hunting & Fishing Licenses are Available


2022-2023 Fishing and Hunting Licenses are now available!!
Stop by the village office to purchase your new fishing and/or hunting licenses! Please bring last year's license with your customer ID# or your social security number to make the transaction smoother.

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